For Sale – A Very Unique Restaurant

Behind the somewhat deceiving and quaint exterior of this Monongahela Valley landmark restaurant lies an establishment that offers a first class dining experience and service that has built a client base to match.

The Maples Restaurant in Fallowfield Township, PA, has been around for 70 years, but over the past four, the present ownership has turned it into an upscale experience featuring a great menu with higher end prices.

The owners took over the restaurant from a son who has become disabled and cannot run the business going forward. Having had experience in the restaurant business in the past, they’ve built a loyal customer base and incredible quality to their menu.

They are retired, however, and their time is limited.  They therefore have only been able to open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. But they are able to sell out frequently during these times, creating the potential for new owners to open for the rest of the week and also for lunch.

Their menu is very specialized and high-quality, leaving the possibility to fill in with lower-priced items if desired. The restaurant was recently listed in the 18th position for Most Upscale Pittsburgh-Area Restaurants in the November 2-8, 2012 print issue of the Pittsburgh Business Times.

The restaurant is 3000+ square feet.

Besides the main dining room (40 seats) There is a nice-sized attractive rectangular bar (24 seats) with the restaurant.  It’s currently in use, but not promoted widely, creating further revenue potential.  The restaurant is registered with the PLCB.

There is also a party room (50 seats) with a smaller bar that could be used to expand the restaurant capacity and/or cater to special events.

In summary, this is a restaurant that:

  • Has been a part of the Mon Valley for over 70 years
  • Has upgraded the quality of its menu and service to rank in the top 25 upscale restaurants in the Pittsburgh area
  • Has ample room to expand hours and menu
  • Has a loyal clientele
  • Is focused on providing quality meals rather than a flashy building (though still attractive)  and ambiance
  • And honestly, serves some of the best food in Western Pennsylvania.

Considering all this, it is a unique opportunity if you’re seeking to purchase a restaurant.

To get a further idea of how the restaurant is promoted, the AMAZING customer reviews it gets, and for other information, you can go to the regular website at

Contact the owners via this contact form for further details including financials. The selling price for The Maples Restaurant is $400,000.